Mark Plavsic, Ph.D., D.V.M.

Dr. Mark Plavsic is Chief Technical Officer at Fate Therapeutics, overseeing the company’s cell therapy manufacturing, supply chain, and technical operations. Dr. Plavsic has more than 20 years of broad experience in process development and end-to-end product development of large scale commercial biologics. Prior to joining Fate Therapeutics, Dr. Plavsic served as Chief Technical Officer at Lysogene, a late stage clinical development gene therapy company with headquarters in Paris, France. Before joining Lysogene, Dr. Plavsic was SVP of CMC at Torque Therapeutics, Inc., and was Head of Product Biosafety at Genzyme/Sanofi, where he was responsible for process improvements and viral safety of all commercial biological products and associated manufacturing processes. Previously, Dr. Plavsic was in charge of gene therapy development at Genzyme, overseeing the upstream, downstream, formulation and analytical developments of viral vectors used in gene therapy applications. Before Genzyme, he held various senior leadership positions with AstraZeneca, Q-One Biotech, and Life Technologies, Inc. Dr. Plavsic’s professional experience ranges from Europe, Australasia and USA, and his technical expertise spans across a wide spectrum of drug development and manufacturing activities, including critical animal origin raw materials, cell culture media, GMP QC testing, GLP non-clinical studies, process and analytical development, GMP manufacturing, contract manufacturing, and supply chain. Dr. Plavsic received his Ph.D. in Virology and Molecular Cell Biology, M.Sc. in Virology and Immunology, and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) degree from the University of Belgrade in Yugoslavia. He has a Board certification in Microbiology, subspeciality Virology, from the American College of Veterinary Microbiologists.